A Linksys/Atmel WAP-11 Hackers Page

What's Inside the Box ?

There's a "motherboard" with CPU and associated RAM and ROM, plus Ethernet interface. Mounted to the motherboard is a custom PCMCIA card. Reputedly the radio card is an Intersil Prisim2 design.

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CPU is a system-on-chip (actually dual-ARM7 processors) design from Atmel, part number AT76C510

Flash ROM, 512Kx8, part number AT29LV040

SRAM, 512Kx8, part number IDT71V424

Ethernet interface chip, part number LSI80255/8


There is only one known software set for this unit, the firmware supplied in the Flash ROM. This was reputedly written by a third-party for Atmel. Atmel distribute the binary free of charge, but the source code is unavailable outside the OEM inner circle.

Radio Performance

Reputedly the radio is similar to other low-cost Prisim2 designs. Around 26mW output, around -85dB sensitivity. Accurate measurements are welcome, send them to me for posting here.

RF Connectors

The PCMCIA Card has two female MCX (note, not MMCX) connectors. These are jumpered to bulkhead-mounted reverse polarity TNC connectors which prodtude through holes in the plastic case. The unit is supplied with rubber omnidirectional antennas which fit these connectors. Mating onnectors to suit the external RP-TNC connectors are available, for example RF Industries part number RP-1202-C to suit Times Industries LMR-195 cable. For RF-connector-challenged folks, pre-made jumpers (AKA "pigtails") can be bought from any RF component distributer.

Power Supply

The wall plug transformer supplies 5v dc rated at 2A. Linksys data sheet says that the min and max operating power current is 250-450mA.


Unlike many 802.11b access points, this unit supports both 10 and 100 Mbit ethernet. Half duplex.

Can I run Linux on it ?

No. Three problems:

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